1.Product Introduction

The 1,4-cis content of Low cis BR(LBR)can be controlled by the method of production and the type of catalyst.KOSYN KBR has 35% of 1,4-cis content. It is used as a base polymer in the production of HIPS(High Impact Polystyrene),which is the main material applied to the manufacture of cabinets for home appliances, interior goods, toys,and everyday goods, due to its excellent elasticity and 1,2-vinyl content around 14%,giving it excellent reactivity. In addition, it is used in motorcycle tires, footwears,and general mechanical products.
KOSYN KBR 710S and 711 have a mooney viscosity of around 50, 34.5% of 1, 4-cis and 14.5% of 1, 2-vinyl content. When melted in styrene to 5% concentration, it is transformen into a bright color rubber with the tone of APHA color 5. Having a low gel content and solution viscosity near 173cps, KOSYN KBR 710S and 711 are used as a base polymer of HIPS products. The Mooney viscosity of KOSYN KBR 750 is 55, which is similar to that of KBR 710S, whereas its solution viscosity is near 95 cps, which is much lower than that of KBR 710.
KOSYN KBR 750 has 33.5% of 1, 4-cis and 18.5% of 1, 2-vinyl contents. It is easy to control rubber particle size and reduce power consumption in the course of producing HIPS product because it simultaneously has high mooney and low solution viscosities.

2.Product Application

Grade Packages Applications

KBR 710S
KBR 710H
KBR 711
KBR 750

1.05MT/Box For manufacturing HIPS products
KBR 740 For manufacturing HGPS products

3.Typical Properties for KOSYN KBR

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